Thank you our partners for being part of the TANCREDI FOUNDATION

ADOPT A LIFE …. Charisma and I are Now rolling out our pledge and are determined to help the less privileged during this COVID-19 era. Thank you our partners for being part of the TANCREDI FOUNDATION . We will be showing you our partners the progress of the roll out and encourage you to post on your own social media since you are the ones that are making this happen. Love you all and may the Lord Jesus be with you in all you do !

Pure Love as Miz Mzwakhe and Charisma Tancredi Feeds the Poor

Miz Mzwakhe and Charisma Tancredi also consider it a calling to meet not only the spiritual needs of the people but also their physical needs. Miz Mzwakhe and Charisma Tancredi are helping to change the lives of many in the poorest communities of society through the Tancredi Foundation. Through this arm of their ministry they have built houses for the homeless, sponsor university students, feed the poor among many other activities.

The operations of the Tancredi Foundation continue to grow across the world hence the need for your partnership in helping us reach thousands who are in need today. The Tancredi Foundation also focuses on empowering the youth by providing scholarships, and tuition fees for education. It has a spectrum of recipients that range from primary education all the way through to University.

Love must be upmost in our hearts because without love all our doings amount to nothing. The Tancredi Foundation is a platform for us to demonstrate Christ-like love, an opportunity for us to share the love of Jesus Christ with the less privileged and needy.

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