New House Testimony

New House Testimony

Pastor Bayanda Maseko has been struggling to find a house for a very long time and wherever he went, he faced challenges he couldn’t overcome. This went on until the SUNDAY OF NEW LIFE, when Dr. Miz sent the church to go and look for houses, roaming in his faith.

Pastor Bayanda says after meeting the owner of the house that he desired, he was given a high amount which he didn’t have at that moment. This did not move him as he stood on his father’s faith and started negotiating for a price of his choice. To his surprise the owner of the house gave him his account number and told him to transfer any amount he had. On the 29th of November he finalized the sale of the house and he took his family to move in on the 1st of December.

Indeed New life is changing lives. Join us every Sunday at 09:00 am.

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