New House Testimony 2

New House Testimony 2

Pastor Jacobus Sooloane and his family had been staying in an unfavourable location for 32 years and their efforts to find a house in a different location could not prosper. They went to banks for assistance but could not find any. This went on until the SUNDAY OF NEW LIFE when Dr. Miz preached about roaming in the spirit of faith and instructed the church to go and look for houses of their choice and that they would obtain them by his faith.

Pastor Jacobus was among those who believed and acted on the word of the Apostle. He went to the owner of the house he desired and after negotiations, the owner handed the keys of the house to him without struggle. On the 28th of November they finalized the purchase of the house and he and his family moved into their new house on the 30th of November.

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