(INSTANT HEALING) Miracle Night Day Two

(INSTANT HEALING) Miracle Night Day Two

Mama Chido came to the service using crutches as she was not able to walk. Doctors diagnosed her with chronic conditions known as arthritis and sugar diabetes in 2014. Doctors also told her that her diseases were incurable and she would have to depend on treatment her whole life.

Mama Chido then started taking the arthritis medication but they seemed not to be working and her situation grew worse as her feet stopped working and she was no longer able to walk. Every night she was in constant pain which deprived her of sleep.

Today her daughter brought her to New Life after hearing about the wonders of the God of New Life.
During the service, Dr Miz commanded that a handkerchief be placed on mama Chido, and instantly we saw a miracle as her feet started gaining strength and for the first time in 3 years she was able to walk on her own. She and her daughter could not stop thanking God as this is a miracle they had been long praying and anticipating for.
Indeed God lives at New Life.

THESE UNCOMMON MIRACLES ARE SAID TO CONTINUE TOMORROW. Make sure to join us at 07 Stephen Le Roux Street, Vanderbijlpark,at 09:00am

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