The MEGA SUNDAY is still on the lips of everyone who was part of it. People are still trying to digest and comprehend what God is doing through His Apostle but it is clearly beyond human comprehension.

Under a dense anointing,the paranomic seer called people by their names, surnames and addresses. He wrote ID numbers on a paper and when the people recited them they were exactly as the Iron Man had written them. As we thought that was enough, the IronMan went deeper to locate Account numbers and declared financial breakthrough.

The IronMan also located various sicknesses that people were suffering from and prayed for them, when the professional practioners checked them, it was shocking to find that the words of the Apostle had came to pass and the people has been completely healed.

People are still shocked by the sharpness and precision the prophetic. A New Dimension has been launched at New Life, be sure to be a part of it.


It is evident that God has maximized His love for His people, through healing. Tonight, on the PHD service, no ailments were left uneradicated. We saw people of various sicknesses, disorders and conditions receiving instant healings, right in the church.
Among all those who stood to testify, are people who got healed from high blood pressure, sugar diabetes and even HIV.

Many people came in oppressed with sugar diabetes,High blood pressure and HIV. They were initially tested by the professional practioners at church and the results showed ridiculously high levels of sugar and blood pressure in their bodies and that they were indeed HIV positive. Apostle Miz Mzwakhe Tancredi then prayed for them and they went back to be tested again. In the testing room, the doctors were shocked as the test results showed that their levels were now in the normal ranges for sugar, blood pressure and the HIV tests came out negative. Everyone came out in a state of divine health. These are the very same things that the prophets of the old wished to have seen, what was prophesied and written in the volume of the books.

The words coming from all those who were present are; ‘Behold what manner of anointing is this?’.
This is indeed shocking and it is what the world has never seen.

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