Prosperity is not a promise and it doesn’t yield to your prayers.Prosperity is a covenant. that is why the demon of poverty rebels the most when it sees its deliverer.

God’s idea towards prosperity is not a human’s idea. The problem with the church today is we are moved by tradition and tradition is a frozen success, something that used to work in the past but does not work anymore. The reason people fight a prosperous believer, is not because there is something wrong with prosperity but it is because they are still under tradition, holding onto what was taught in the olden days that when a Christian is poor, he is holy; The poorer you are, the holier you are. This is not biblical because the Bible declares that it is the Lord God who gives one the ability to get wealth (Deuteronomy 8:18).

If it is the same God who gives you an ability to get wealth then he cannot be against prosperity, considering that it is from Him.
What is happening in this dispensation with us Christians is that we think God is a God who can heal, deliver and save but we do not think that He is a God who can bless.

Poverty is not godly, nor is it biblical. The believers of today identify Jesus as one who was poor, because we have been told and are conceptualize into believing that poverty is being holy, which is not the will of God.
The will of God is for you to prosper and be in good health. That is why the Bible declares that the blessing of the Lord maketh rich and addeth no sorrow with it, meaning when you are blessed you will have no sorrow. The dominion that we have been given from the beginning it wasn’t only over demons, but it was also over the earth, the minerals and all that is in the earth, in which gold and silver are part of it. The Bible says silver and gold belongs to God, so if gold and silver are evil, how can they be possessed by a holy God?

The Bible says the love of money is the root of all evil, not money is evil. The same Bible that said the love of money is the root of all evil also says that money answers everything, meaning money is not everything but it is necessary.
One can have $20 and can be controlled by it, love it so much that they think withou it they are nothin and that life cannot go on, while the other having $20million and not being controlled or holding unto it. The one who is under the influence of evil is the one who loves their $20 so much. It doesn’t have to do with how much one has for it to become evil but it has everything to do with how much you love your money. Some people are slaves to money and others have money being slaves to them.

Lazy believers and critics who don’t understand the Bible are against people who are being blessed by God. And notice if you may, often times, the greatest challenge of a successful man is an unsuccessful man, the greatest challenge of a positive minded man is a negative minded one and the greatest challenge of a man who is high is a man who is low.
The Apostle of our time, went deeper into revealing deep principles of prosperity and gushed incorruptible wisdom. The world is yet to witness the rising of the kingdom financiers as the Iron Man anointed everybody and unlocked their finances in a mighty way. Prosperity principles have been taught, the hidden treasures have been revealed and the dead finances have been resurrected and unlocked, not it is time for the fruits produced by this day to blossom and results to manifest.

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