This was a Tuesday service like no other, and blessed are those who attended and heard the voice of God. From the word, straight to the tangibility of the anointing we see that God has not stopped talking and equipping the saints.
There is nothing in life more important than the presence of the Lord. In the body of Christ we have been taught more about presents and forgotten the presence, not knowing that the presents are found in the presence of God. The reason Christians are afflicted on every direction is because they lack the presence. Seek the presence of the Lord more than anything else in life. Sometimes you do not need a prophetic word but only the presence of the Lord. Whenever the Israelites went to war, they always took the ark of the Lord with them and that caused them to have victory over their enemies. For the ark in those days represented the presence of the Lord. When you are full of the presence, not even the enemy can penetrate.
1Samuel 5:1-2 and 1:1-3
The scripture tells us that after the Philistines captured the Ark of the Lord, they placed it next to their god, Dagon. In the morning they found that Dagon was lying prostrate before the Ark of the Lord, which represented the presence of God. The second time they placed him there, they found him not only lying prostrate but with his hands and head cut off from his body. This is a sign of surrender and defeat.
When you carry the presence of the Lord, you will defeat every obstacle that comes your way. Being born again means declaring war to the devil and there is no way you can conquer without the presence of God.

Hannah was barren for 25 years but year after year she went to Shiloh, the dwelling place of God, to seek the presence of the Lord. No challenge should ever stop you from seeking the presence of God.
The absence of the presence of God results to dryness and death. It was after that the ark of the Lord was captured when Eli died. Going to church every Sunday doesn’t confirm life but His presence does. Hence we have believers who are dead while walking. Today there are saints who pray in other tongues but are full of hatred, jealousy and all the fruits of the flesh. These are the manifestations of the absence of His presence.
We are in dispensation where God is distinguishing the righteous from the wicked. It is time to go back into seeking the presence of the Lord above everything else.
After this power packed message many received restitution and we saw many who were convicted by the Spirit of the Lord giving their lives to Christ. Somebody all you need is the presence of God. May God show Himself to you as you seek His presence..


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