Sister Mamere

Sister Mamere


It is without doubt that the God of NEW LIFE has unveiled a dimension where He maximizes the strength of His love for His people through the healing ministry.
Sister Mamere shai had a fatal accident on the 18th of December 2016 which dislocated her spinal cord. During the accident their car rolled 6 times and was hit by an oncoming taxi. She was admitted to a hospital and after doing x-rays the doctors said that she had a compressed fracture. Sister Mamere could not walk or sit on her own, so doctors installed a spinal pouch which supported her spinal cord.
On this SUNDAY OF IMPARTATION Part 2, the Iron Man called her and instructed her to remove her spinal pouch. After lifting it up, papa told her that she will never need it again. With immediate effect, sister Memera began walking without any assistance. These are the manifestations of NEW LIFE.

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