The glory of the Lord has manifested in its fullness and we have seen the hand of God upon us. The NIGHT OF POWER has left permanent marks in the lives of all those who attended. Multitudes came from every direction for they could not miss their predestined encounter with the God of NEW LIFE. We have surety that God saw the hearts of the people of Fochville and sent the son of the only IronMan to their rescue. Fochville was also blessed by the presence of the barrenness bulldozer,the only IronLady. After she has stepped foot there we are sure that Fochville will never be the same again.

The word of God came out in power as it was also accompanied by the prophetic, healing and deliverance. The son of the IronMan,prophet Bayanda moved in the prophetic just like his father. Prophet Bayanda,under the anointing of the IronMan,began to call people by their names,re-writing destinies and allocating cars and miracles to all those who were receptive. Indeed South Africa was never ready for the prophetic mafia family.

This was indeed a NIGHT OF POWER and already multitudes from Fochville are calling for NEW LIFE to come back again, for what they saw is beyond human comprehension.
Do not be left behind,receive NEW LIFE wherever you are

One thought on “NIGHT OF POWER

  1. Wow I receive New Life. I bless God for being part of this family. Indeed God wants me blessed. Son of My Father doing it big big

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